ProTee VX
Installation and Setup

Unboxing the VX

Mounting the VX

Step 1

Below are the mounting guidelines for the VX launch monitor. Using these guidelines, position the ceiling mount plate correctly before continuing.

The VX does not require a specific distance from the impact screen to the hitting area. The VX will read the ball and club in the space between the hitting matt and the VX itself.

ProTee VX back view


Connect the power cable to your power outlet. Connect one end of the supplied 10m/32' Ethernet cable to the unit and one end to the USB to Ethernet adapter.

Connect the USB to Ethernet adapter to a blue USB 3.0 port on your computer.


Switch on the Unit by pressing the red switch on the back of the VX. You will see the left and right LED ring lights switch on for a couple of seconds. The light will switch off automatically. The software, which will be installed in the next steps, will switch the lights on when needed.

You are now ready to setup the software!

Installing the Software

Download ProTee Labs using the following link:

Run proteelabssetup.exe from your download folder and click next.

Accept the terms by clicking I Agree.

Select ProTee Labs and click next.

Click finish. A ProTee Labs icon will be created on your desktop.

ProTee Labs needs to be activated. When you first start ProTee Labs you can register and activate your software with the activation code you received from the reseller, shop or sales representative. Please contact the reseller if you did not receive an activation code.

Calibrating the VX Camera System

The ProTee VX is equipped with 2 high speed cameras, which needs to be calibrated when used for the first time. Run the ProTee Labs program from your desktop to start the calibration process.

Step 1: Goto the settings of ProTee Labs.

Step 2: Select the ProTeeVX from the list of devices and click CONNECT. Wait for the status on the top right to say "CONNECTED".


Step 4: Place the calibration board in the center of your play area.
Make sure the calibration board is pointed towards the screen and aligned straight with your HITTING MAT and SCREEN.
The alignment of the calibration board will show the cameras what is straight forward.

If you find later that the results are slightly off due to misalignment, you can recalibrate the VX at any time.


Step 6: Manually adjust your play area.
The play area defines the limits in which the VX will find your golf ball and detects shots.

Step 7: Click DONE.
You will be returned to the settings screen. The VX will now try to find a golfball in the hitting area you just defined.

ProTee Labs will show the status of the unit in the top right corner. When the VX finds a ball in the hitting area, the status will change to "Ready for shot".

In case you have any questions or need any help, please send an email to our support team:

Visit the Launch Monitor section on our support website for frequently asked questions, instructions and tips: